Youth Participation

Youth Scotland is supporting young people to participate in decision making processes and in the management and leadership of their groups and communities.

Youth Scotland believes youth participation is essential to quality youth work.

We encourage involving young people in decision making, supporting youth action and developing essential life skills for leadership. Youth participation forms the foundation blocks for Youth Scotland’s projects and programmes, and we encourage our members and partners to build strong involvement routes for young people at every level.

Bored Meetings

Bored Meetings is training for young people who are involved in different kinds of decision-making processes or groups, such as youth councils, youth forums, school councils, management committees and boards.

You can order Bored Meetings training packs here or request training by emailing us

Keep It Real

Keep It Real training takes a practical approach to youth participation and provides a selection of activities, tried and tested by young people, which can be used separately or together as part of a training programme.

Activities are designed to build young people's confidence, increase their involvement in decision making, suggest creative ways of sharing ideas and evaluate and recognise achievements.

For everyone involved in community based youth work. Find out more about what we do and apply for membership.