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Changing Lives Through Youth Work

As the largest national youth work organisation, Youth Scotland supports 64,255 young people, 1,095 youth groups and over 7,558 youth workers.

  • Our diverse membership has national reach and is made up of a network of local Area Associations, youth groups, youth workers and volunteers
  • Youth Scotland values the development of community based youth work as an essential approach to our work
  • We want to create ways for youth work to enable more young people to demonstrate what they have achieved personally and within their communities
If I can make a big difference in my community, then so can you.
Eddie, young person

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Emmie’s story

Emmie has been involved with youth work and youth awards for many years. Read her story.

I was asked to come along to a youth engagement event run by the Moray Youth Council. At this point I couldn’t even tell you what a youth worker was. Nevertheless, I went along. Who knew that that event would change my life?

Emmie's story

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