Acting on Workforce Development

This Youth Scotland report examines how our operations are key to developing the workforce of community-based youth work providers and stakeholders across Scotland.

Yellow text reads, 'Acting on Workforce Development.' Below, white text reads, 'How Youth Scotland's vital work provides support and training for the community-based youth work sector. In the background, a youth worker participates in a colour run. In the upper left corner, the Youth Scotland logo sits in white.

Acting on Workforce Development: How Youth Scotland’s vital work provides support and training for the community-based youth work sector

This report demonstrates that funding Youth Scotland and its training programme ensures youth work providers are prepared to meet the complex needs of today’s young people and to deliver high-quality, often life-changing youth work services.

We know that young people and families in Scotland are facing unprecedented challenges and community-based youth work has a critical role to play in buffering the impact of poverty, the rising cost of living and the growing mental health and wellbeing crisis among young people in the wake of the pandemic.

However, concerns are growing that the support systems and training available to youth workers have been dramatically reduced or withdrawn around the country. With a reputation for providing high-quality training and a network reaching 10,700 youth workers (including 6,632 volunteers) supporting 97,000 young people, Youth Scotland is uniquely positioned to continue to upskill the youth sector across Scotland.

I have more confidence in running our Youth Group, feel more at ease with organising games and would be more confident if I need to use first aid at any point.

Ready for Youth Work participant

I will be more confident to broach difficult topics around mental health and not feel incapable of dealing with certain answers.

Trusted Adult Training participant

As a new employee, the training provided me with a clear introduction to some of the different pathway options available/within reach for our young people. I already have a better idea of the age/stage/type of pupil who would be suitable for each award and the potential levels that they can achieve.

Awards training participant

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You can download the full Acting on Workforce Development report below, including the context, the role of Youth Scotland and the impact of our awards and professional development training.

Acting on Workforce Development - Youth Scotland