About Us

Youth Scotland is the national charity for supporting and delivering youth work in the community. We believe in changing lives through youth work.

Youth Scotland staff pose together during the Big Ideas event

Who we are

We are the largest national youth work organisation in Scotland, supporting 105,00 young people, 2,200 youth groups and over 11,300 youth workers. Youth Scotland has been around since the early 20th century and has a diverse membership network – from small rural youth groups to large urban projects. The common goal that we all share is better outcomes for young people.

Our membership network is made up of local youth groups of all sizes, Area Associations and Youth Scotland staff who can provide support and training on a range of youth work topics. We are proud of the varied, universal youth work our network delivers and the innovative solutions our members create in an ever-changing youth work landscape.
Areas of activity

Our Pillars

As a national youth work organisation, Youth Scotland’s work is expansive and varied, but much of what we do can be put in four key areas of community-based youth work that we call our 4 Pillars:

Our Impact

Youth Scotland’s work reaches over 97,018 young people, 1,999 youth groups and over 10,775 youth workers. There’s a lot of amazing stories in community-based youth work and the Our Impact page showcases just a few.

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Strategy & Governance

Youth Scotland is a charity with a solid governance structure, including a board of elected and co-opted trustees and detailed Articles of Association.

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Cross Nations Youth Work Partnership

Youth Scotland is a proud member of the Cross Nations Youth Work Partnership with leading organisations across the UK and Ireland.

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Our People

Find out more about the people at the heart of Youth Scotland’s work, from the operations and delivery team to our Board of Trustees.

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