Youth Scotland offers different awards that act as a framework to record and recognise young people’s achievements. See below to find out more about our awards, how to register, training that’s available and resources for existing providers.

A group of young people sit in rows of desks in an auditorium. They are wearing matching black Reach sweatshirts and yellow lanyards.

Youth Scotland Awards

We have 3 different awards that children and young people aged 5+ can be involved in completing. They are the Hi5 Award, Dynamic Youth Awards (DYA) and Youth Achievement Awards (YAA). All awards are credit rated and levelled on the Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework (SCQF), which means that they can be compared to more formal qualifications such as those gained at college or school. Find out more about them.
Hi5 Awards
Completed by Young People aged 5+
Dynamic Youth Awards
Completed by Young People aged 10+
Youth Achievement Awards
Completed by Young People aged 14+
Three young people smile and give the peace sign to the camera. In the background, other young people are seated in a large auditorium.

Benefits of Youth Scotland Awards

How can our awards benefit your youth group, school or charity?

Find out more here: Awards Benefits

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