Our Impact

In this section you can read just some of the stories from our young people, youth workers and members.

A crowd of young people are gathered in a glass-ceiling auditorium. They are throwing balls of paper towards the camera.
Young people impacted
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Our Stories

In this section you can read just some of the stories from our young people, youth workers and members - the stories of Youth Scotland and community-based youth work.
Yellow text reads, 'Acting on Workforce Development.' Below, white text reads, 'How Youth Scotland's vital work provides support and training for the community-based youth work sector. In the background, a youth worker participates in a colour run. In the upper left corner, the Youth Scotland logo sits in white.
Acting on Workforce Development
This Youth Scotland report examines how our operations are key to developing the workforce of community-based youth work providers and stakeholders across Scotland.
Pages from the Generation CashBack Annual Report 2022-23 show on the screens of a computer, tablet and laptop device.
Generation CashBack – Story of Phase 5 Year 3
Read how Generation CashBack made an impact in Scotland’s most disadvantaged communities in year 3 and throughout Phase 5.
A young person stands in a school classroom holding two certificates for Youth Scotland Hi5 Awards.
Seth’s Story
Through our Awards, Seth has come out of his shell during his time at Castle Douglass Primary School. This is Seth's story.
Abbie, a member of KYTHE sits before a colourful painted wall
Case study of KYTHE by Awards Network features Youth Scotland Awards
Read about how Abbie and others benefitted from our awards.
The front cover of Youth Scotland's report: Acting on Poverty. A young person's feet can be seen jumping above a puddle of water.
Acting on Poverty
Acting on Poverty examines how Youth Scotland's work impacts communities affected by poverty and makes a difference to the lives of young people.
A young person wearing a black jacket and a blue face mask sits at a table, writing on a large piece of a paper with a marker.
Glasgow’s Young Grantmakers
This is the story of the 2022 Glasgow pilot of Glasgow's Young Grantmakers.
A young person sits on a moss-covered log, looking off into a green forest.
Simone’s Story
Thanks to community-based youth work, Simone's past will not define her future - read her story.
A group of seven young people in a school hallway. They smile at the camera and hold up their hands out for '5'
Visiting Castle Douglas Primary School’s Hi5 programme
We visited Castle Douglas Primary School to find out more about their exceptional Hi5 programme.
Inside graphically designed quotation marks are photos of a youth worker and a green sweatshirt with 'the ripple' in white text. In the lower left the Generation CashBack logo is in black.
The Ripple’s Story
Youth Scotland member group The Ripple is a community-based youth project - this is their story.
An image of a tablet, laptop and desktop screen displaying pages from the 2021/22 Impact Report.
Youth Scotland Impact Report 2021/22
The resilience and creativity shown by the youth work sector recovering from the pandemic
White text on blue and yellow graphics reads, 'Generation CashBack Annual Report 2021-2022' Beside this is an image of young person smiling. At the bottom are the logos for Girlguiding Scotland, Scouts Scotland, The Boys' Brigade and Youth Scotland.
Generation CashBack - Story of Phase 5 Year 2
Read how Generation CashBack continues to make an impact in Scotland's most disadvantaged communities.