Generation CashBack – Story of Phase 6 Year 1

Read how Generation CashBack improved young people’s positive outcomes and destinations in Scotland’s most disadvantaged communities during 2023-24.

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This is the story of Generation CashBack Phase 6 Year 1

The Generation CashBack programme has successfully adapted and evolved through the five previous phases of CashBack for Communities, establishing a proven track record of success. As the programme transitioned to Phase 6 of CashBack for Communities, the consortium used targeted needs-analysis work to address the issues facing Scotland’s communities. The most common challenges facing youth groups broadly fit into two – often intersecting – categories: the cost of living crisis and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Feedback from workers and young people revealed that the cost of living crisis was putting huge pressure on families who were struggling to meet their basic needs. This in turn put added pressure on youth groups who wanted to be able to provide their services but were also being squeezed by rising costs.

Simultaneously we also saw the fall-out of the COVID-19 crisis, which has had a devastating effect on young people’s mental health and wellbeing, particularly on those who were already vulnerable. This manifested in high levels of social anxiety and many young people who are isolated and disengaged from services, particularly education.

Read the Generation CashBack Annual Report 2023-24 and see how the programme helped support affected communities and their young people.

Some key achievements of year one has been:

  • 99% of young people reported Generation CashBack having a positive impact on their behaviour
  • 42,676 hours of volunteering contributed by participants
  • 97% of young people report their mental health has improved and they have a more positive outlook on life
  • 99% of young people report positive, supportive networks – including improved relationships with family, friends and peer mentors

It’s changed the way I want to see myself in the future. I would love to continue on to more volunteering, doing more youth work sessions and workshops with Youth Scotland. I feel like I could still learn more, and I feel very encouraged to do that as well.

GCB young participant
Generation CashBack Annual Report 2023-24