Landmark 20,000 Hi5 Awards achieved

In just six years, young people across Scotland have earned an incredible 20,000 Hi5 Awards

Celebrating a milestone moment for the Hi5 Award

We’re thrilled to announce that in just six short years, an incredible 20,000 Hi5 Awards have been earned by young people across the country. 

In September 2017, the Hi5 was created to bring the celebrated Plan-Do-Review approach of Dynamic Youth Awards to young people in the 5+ age group. Since then, it has become a widely-used and powerful tool in closing the attainment gap and recognising the full range of young people’s achievements. 

Designed for flexibility and accessibility, this Award supports young people with a variety of interests and abilities, offering them the opportunity to set their own challenges and providing a clear framework to record and reflect on their accomplishments. 

A young person stands in a school classroom holding two certificates for Youth Scotland Hi5 Awards.
Seth poses with his Hi5 Awards

With the 20,000 Hi5s earned so far, young people have built skills and confidence through a remarkable array of projects and activities, including STEM experiments, cooking lessons, fitness challenges, wellbeing workshops, arts and crafts creations, gardening and nature adventures, community service/volunteering work and much more. 

For Seth, a student from Castle Douglass Primary School, the Hi5 Award was an opportunity to explore clay sculpture and model-building and to help with a rewilding project in his school’s nature garden. Through these challenges, he was able to rediscover his love of learning and, for the first time post-Covid, found himself feeling excited to get to school.

[It] made school way better to know that every Thursday...I would go into there and do whatever we were doing that day.

Seth on his Hi5 Award Group

We spoke with Seth’s mum and teachers about the difference that the Hi5 Award had made for Seth and other students at Castle Douglass.

If you ever have the opportunity to go for a Hi5 Award with your child, it’s something you need to grab with both hands...because the difference we saw was amazing and I think if we didn’t have the opportunity for Hi5, Seth wouldn’t be as outgoing and confident as he is now.

Tara, Seth's mum

You can read more about Seth’s Hi5 journey here and learn about the full suite of our youth awards here


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