Create a Volunteer Welcome Pack

Suggestions and sample forms that will help you build a comprehensive welcome pack for new volunteers.

Youth Scotland staff assist a young person during an event

After you have selected your new volunteers through the application and interview process, you can use a Welcome Pack with key documents and information to help them get oriented.

Welcome Pack Contents

1.) Basic information about your group

Its history, values, goals, and details about ongoing programmes like the number/ages of attendees

2.) An overview of the principles and strategies of youth work

For more ideas on this, see the Getting to Know Youth Work page and download the Quick Guide to Youth Work and CLD

3.) A form for the volunteer’s emergency contact details

4.) Information about their role and responsibilities as a volunteer

5.) Your organisation’s key health and safety policies

For more information on how to develop these policies, see the Health & Safety section, and check out the below sample forms: