Introduction to Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)

As Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) continues to shape the learning experience of young people aged 3 – 18, Youth Scotland has developed a series of materials and training sessions to help practitioners understand and use the CfE approach in planning, delivering and evaluating their programmes for young people.

The curriculum for excellence logo, with the same words above eight coloured circles.

What is CfE?

Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is an approach that supports young people as they learn and develop the four capacities: successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

CfE supports the idea that learning and achievement can take place in a variety of formats and settings; not just schools. The Building the Curriculum documents (link here) make it clear that all agencies that work with young people have a role to play in CfE.
There are strong links between the Nature and Purpose of Youth Work (link here) and Curriculum for Excellence, particularly with regards to the young person-centred approach and an emphasis on empowerment and health and well-being. It could be said that youth work has always delivered Curriculum for Excellence.

A Youth Scotland Quick Guide can be downloaded below, as can Scottish Government’s GIRFEC Policy Statement 2022.

Download the Youth Scotland Quick Guide

Youth Scotland Quick Guide to CfE
PDF, 974 KB
Scottish Government's GIRFEC Policy Statement 2022
PDF, 307 KB

Recognising Achievement

Our youth awards allow award providers to meet the goals of Curriculum for Excellence in a variety of ways. The open framework of the Awards enables providers to cover any curriculum area, or even a variety of curriculum areas.

Read more about Dynamic Youth Awards and Youth Achievement Awards on the appropriate pages of this website.