Arts Toolkit

A collection of spiral wire-bound toolkits are arranged on display.

The Youth Scotland Arts toolkit is a fun and creative activity toolkit featuring 25 arts and crafts activities for use in our awards or for any groups participating in creative activities.


Arts and crafts are a staple activity in any environment with young people. Our Arts Toolkit features 25 activities that are ready to use in any group with the minimum of fuss. Every activity has detailed instructions in clear English and a guide age group.

Our toolkit features 25 activities that all feature the following:

  • Instructions on how to complete each activity
  • What you need to run the activity
  • What key skills are used in each activity
  • Helpful hints, where useful
  • Helpful diagrams, where useful

The pack is 148mm x 148mm, full colour, ring-bound and has sturdy, laminated cover to protect the contents.

We also have an Games Tool Kit that features 50 fun play and game activities for young people and a STEM Toolkitwith 50 engaging activities that use key STEM skills.

Remember when leading activities it is your responsibility to ensure you use age appropriate materials and equipment. In particular be aware and take any necessary precautions when using certain materials with children and young people such as:

  • magnets
  • sharp objects
  • matches
  • liquids;

and be aware of any risks associated with the environment you’ll be working in.

Children and young people should be supervised at all times and your own organisation’s Health and Safety policy and any other relevant policies should be followed.