Free activity resources and guides

Accessible and topical toolkits to support the delivery of community-based youth work.

Free activity resources and guides for community-based youth group

Youth Scotland is proud to present four free toolkit guides for Scotland’s community-based youth groups.

These resources have all been developed to support volunteers and workers as they navigate their way from pandemic transition into youth work recovery. Each guide can be downloaded at the foot of this page and can be viewed as a PDF or printed for use with young people.

Out & About (A guide to youth work using outdoor activities)

The outdoors can be a great place to learn and have fun and can make a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of young people and adults. Positive experiences can generate an interest in the outdoors which goes far beyond the boundaries of your youth group.

Outdoor activities can extend from a simple walk or cycle in the local park to climbing the north face of Ben Nevis and each activity comes with its own level of risk and planning. To have a successful, fun and positive learning experience there are many things to consider in the preparation for a trip outdoors.

This toolkit offers handy advice and information on what to consider for safe and rewarding outdoor youth work.

Detached Youth Work Guide

Originally created for workers during the pandemic, this guide is for youth workers considering detached youth work. Detached youth work is youth work that takes place out on the streets, parks and other public areas in the communities where the young people are i.e. the young people’s turf.

Detached youth workers do not have a building that they work from. Detached youth work isn’t about getting young people off the streets and signposting young people into youth clubs. At its core, detached youth work is just the same as any other form of youth work, the only difference is that it is done out on the streets, parks and other public spaces.

This guide is for youth workers who are interested in detached youth work, whether they are already a detached youth worker or wanting to develop detached youth work.

Feel Good Activity Toolkit

This Feel Good Activity Toolkit has been developed to encourage children/young people to think about their emotional wellbeing. Activities within this toolkit can also be used to contribute to a Hi5, Dynamic Youth Award or Youth Achievement Award.

Part of every wellbeing youth work activity should be the creation of a safe space for young people to openly discuss their feelings in confidence and within a group agreement. Staff can then be prepared to follow up one-to-one with young people in confidence.

This toolkit is for workers who are looking to provide safe, fun and engaging activities to allow young people to explore their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Creative Arts Activity Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to encourage young people to participate in the creative arts in a safe fun environment. The activities can also be used to contribute towards a Hi5, Dynamic Youth award or a Youth Achievement award.

This guide contains fun activities in the music, dance/movement, drama and creative writing genres. There are six activities in each section.


Download the toolkits below.

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