Youth Work Through Sport

The sports leadership programme and funding grows young leaders in communities who are credible role models for their peers

Youth Work Through Sport can both inspire and support young people to take up sport and physical activity in their community.

In partnership with SAPC Community Sports Hub and North Kelvin Sports Development Group, Youth Scotland supports the delivery of a range of opportunities and funding to organisations using sport and physical activity as a driver to achieve positive individual and community change. 

Youth Scotland accredits young people and their achievements in delivering sport and physical activities to young people in their community, providing them with an iLead qualification (young people) or a PDA in Youth Work (youth workers).

The Darnley CommonHealth Games

As part of the programme, Youth Scotland supported the Darnely CommonHealth Games, organised by SAPC. 

Youth Scotland hosted multiple Hi5 Award sessions to accredit the achievements of 400 young people who took part in over 20 sports and wellbeing activities throughout the sports engagement day.  

Young leaders shared their passion and skills in various activities, inspiring and encouraging young people to take up sports and be active while becoming more confident and skilled as leaders themselves. 

It’s been especially good for children who aren’t getting to play with friends who go to different schools in the area and it’s great to see them all joining in in teamwork. It’s breaking down a lot of barriers. Mary Cluckie, Principal Teacher of Gowanbank Primary and LCR

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