Youth Scotland Action Fund

Covid-19: Meeting young people’s needs through community-based youth work

What is the Youth Scotland Action Fund?

Youth Scotland’s Action Fund has been established to help youth groups and youth workers meet the needs of young people in response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Update 15 May 2020:

Thanks to the continued support of existing funders and generous new funding from Cattanach and Scottish Government's Wellbeing Fund, the Youth Scotland Action Fund has reopened.

The global Covid-19 epidemic is now making a significant and unprecedented impact on people’s lives in communities throughout Scotland and the UK. The needs of young people, youth workers and youth groups have changed in this past week as our way of life is disrupted in ways we could not have previously imagined. Therefore, the purpose of this fund is to enable youth groups to purchase essential items that will enable them to continue working with young people throughout this period of social distancing and restrictions.

It is a Micro Grant fund that is being supported by some key funders: STV Appeal, The Robertson Trust, The Gannochy Trust, The Ponton House Trust, Cattanach and Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Fund. By using combination of reallocated funding and new funding, we are seeking to meet the emerging needs of youth groups during the pandemic. The maximum amount available per application is £500.

Made possible with support from

Youth Scotland Action Fund funders

Who can apply?

This fund is prioritised for Youth Scotland Member groups meeting the criteria below.

Volunteer run constituted youth groups who:

  • Are based in, and working in local communities within Scotland
  • Are universal access for all young people aged between 8 to 25 years old
  • Will continue to provide support for young people (within government and NHS guidelines) throughout this period of social distancing
  • Plan to spend the grant within 6 weeks of receiving it
  • Are applying for up to £500. No match funding is required
  • Have an annual turnover less than £200,000
  • Can provide a bank statement in the name of their youth group into which the funds can be paid
  • Priority will be given to Youth Scotland member groups. Other youth groups who meet the criteria, but who are not Uniformed Organisations can apply, providing they have appropriate quality operating, governance and safeguarding arrangements in place. See Terms and Conditions.

What are the deadlines? What happens after I apply?

There are no deadlines and applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis. As long as you provide us with all the information we need, our intention is to support youth groups in accessing vital funding as soon as possible.

Successful applicants will be asked to complete a short, simple end of project report.

What will we fund?

  • Youth groups with an annual turnover of less than £200,000 per year
  • Equipment and programme materials
  • IT equipment to enable digital engagement of young people and delivery of online activities
  • Video-calling licences
  • Data bolt-ons/top-ups for young people
  • We will consider any other reasonable requests specific to needs identified in your community relating to young people

What won't we fund?

  • Youth groups with an annual turnover of more than £200,000 per year
  • Face-to-face or in-person activities
  • Those previously funded are not eligible for further funding at this time
  • Travel expenses
  • Salary costs of existing staff
  • Uniformed youth groups
  • Building upgrades e.g. new toilet
  • Activities which take place outside of Scotland
  • Projects and activities which incorporate the promotion of political or religious beliefs
  • Youth groups who cannot demonstrate they take a youth work approach and meet the minimum standards for Youth Scotland membership and possess a:
    • Written constitution
    • Child protection policy and PVG registration
    • Health and Safety policies

Supporting youth work in these uncertain times

Our aim over the coming period would be to support youth workers to be able to engage with young people in new ways to mitigate the risks of loneliness and isolation in the coming months. Stay in touch with us throughout this period and we will share your stories of endeavour and success in helping young people and your communities. The questions we have asked in the application form and the feedback you give us will help us communicate to funders and other decision-makers about the challenges you are facing.

Completing the Application Form

The bottom of this page will contain everything you need to apply to the fund.

Please note that those previously funded are not eligible for further funding at this time

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