Safe Spaces Youth Work Fund

The Safe Spaces Youth Work Fund supports early intervention and youth work opportunities for young people at risk.

A group of youth workers and young people complete a team-building challenge with bamboo sticks and a yellow play ball.

What is the Safe Spaces Youth Work Fund?

Note: the Safe Spaces Fund is currently closed for applications.

The Youth Scotland Safe Spaces Youth Work Fund* is a small grant fund supported by The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust. This fund was created in response to the specific challenges which youth groups face around the prevention of—and alleviation of—risk of harm to children and young people. It will make small awards to enable youth groups to deliver better youth work to young people who are at risk or who have experienced ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

Funds can be used for general youth work activity which creates safe spaces for young people who are at risk, as well as providing the opportunity to run issue-based programmes for young people affected by abuse and other Adverse Childhood Experiences, according to need.

The maximum amount per award is £2,000.


Supported by:

*Based on our initial conversations about the fund, we have opted to revise the name and language to better reflect youth work’s key role in early intervention and creation of safe spaces for young people.

Who can apply?

Youth Scotland member youth groups which:

  • Are based in Scotland;
  • Can demonstrate that they support young people at risk or who have been affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences;
  • Work with young people aged between 5 and 25 years old;
  • Want to try new things, enhance existing provision or increase their capacity to deliver a specific project or programme;
  • Plan to spend the grant within 6 to 9 months of receiving it;
  • Are applying for up to £2,000. No match funding is required.

Please note that as this is a new fund, we are looking to fund a range of projects across Scotland, including organisations experienced in this topic and organisations who are newer to working in this area of youth work.

When is the application deadline?

Note: the Safe Spaces Fund is currently closed for applications.

What happens after you apply?

Once we have received your application, we will review it to make sure all the information we need is included. Applications will be considered by a Grants Panel and we aim to let you know whether you have been successful within 4 weeks of the deadline.

  • Programmes of activities
  • One-off events
  • Equipment and programme materials
  • Travel costs to an activity
  • All the above should support youth work with young people at risk or who have been affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Youth groups which are not currently members of Youth Scotland
  • Core staffing costs
  • Uniformed youth groups
  • Building upgrades
  • Activities which take place outside of Scotland
  • Projects and activities which incorporate the promotion of political or religious beliefs
  • If you are currently in receipt of funding directly from The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust, please contact us before applying