Programmes with Place2Be

Youth Scotland’s partnership with Place2Be provides a variety of exciting opportunities for young people and youth workers.

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For Young People

Intro to Youth Work for Young Leaders with a focus on emotional wellbeing

For the first time ever we are offering an Intro to Youth Work for young leaders (14 – 18 years old). This course is an investment in your young leaders.  Intro to Youth Work with the benefit of incorporating the Place2Be Peer Mentoring programme. Intro to Youth Work is a practical course for young leaders to ensure that they can: help create a safe space for peers; plan, deliver and evaluate fun youth work games for peers; engage peers meaningfully and celebrate and recognise their achievements. We will support your organisation to embed this programme into your existing offer as an accredited young leader pathway.

What is covered:

Day 1:  Intro to Youth Work

  • What is Youth Work?  and Introduction to Youth Participation
  • Intro to Session planning, leading games and creative evaluation
  • Intro to Child Protection

Day 2: Y2Bee Peer Mentoring with Place2Be

The Y2Bee Peer Mentoring training aims to support young people in their community as peer mentors and increase young people’s emotional resilience through improving young people’s understanding of how to manage their own mental health.

Youth Scotland will offer support for youth workers to support their young leaders to become part of a ‘hub’ and a ‘network’ of Young Leaders/Peer Mentors.

Accreditation is available at SQCF level 3.

For Youth Workers

Mental Health Champions Foundation Course

The Place2Be Mental Health Champions Foundations course (as are both the Peer Mentoring and Place2Think course) is a fully-funded training opportunity thanks to support from STV Children’s Appeal. This online mental health training enhances professionals’ understanding of children and young people’s mental health and introduces approaches that foster positive wellbeing for them and the adults around them.

Here is an overview of the online course content. You will cover the following modules;


  • Community Guidelines
  • Before you start activities
  • Taking part
  • Course overview

Understanding Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

In this module we will be introducing the concepts of Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing and exploring protective factors which contribute to positive mental health in children, young people and adults.

  • Start to think about mental health in the same way you consider physical health.
  • Start to develop an awareness of your own emotional literacy and intelligence and how practice can develop your skill in both.
  • Consider how your own emotional literacy and intelligence can have an impact on the young people and adults you work with.

Nature and Nurture

In this module we look at how mental health develops as an interplay between characteristics of the individual, their immediate environment and their broader socio-cultural context.

  • We introduce attachment theory and child development stages.
  • We consider the impact of the environment on typical brain and nervous system development.

How can I help?

In this module, we will be looking at how young people express their emotional needs and will explore different strategies to support them when there are difficulties.  These skills may seem obvious and straightforward at first glance, but, like all skills they take practice to get right, before becoming a natural part of your repertoire.

  • Understand the connection between a young person’s feelings and their behaviours.
  • Understand why young people become emotionally dysregulated and your role in helping them return to a state of calm.
  • Consider how you can adapt your programmes and approaches to support learning when young people have different attachment styles.
  • Learn Active Listening skills and the importance of empathy in supporting others.
  • Learn Emotion Coaching skills to support co-regulation in young people.

Mental Health – Everybody’s Business

  • You will know a community-wide approach to mental health has the potential to further support young people, youth workers, teachers, parents and other support agencies.
  • Physical health and mental health are interconnected.
  • How to nurture your mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Why mental health difficulties are everybody’s business, nobody’s fault.
  • How, where possible, to work effectively with parents in the best interests of young people.

For colleagues who may not have had the chance to do the Place2Be Mental Health Champion foundation course – the next course is 18th May.  Please share with all colleagues that work with young people.  They do not need to be a member to Youth Scotland – this is a FREE opportunity for all. If you know colleagues that started the course and were for whatever reason not able to complete then we ask that they re-register and complete the course.


This is a facilitated reflective practice conducted monthly in small group sessions for Youth Workers supporting mental health in the youth work community.

This course is recommended for those that have completed the Mental Health Champion Foundation Course.

Facilitated Reflective Practice – you will:

  • process the experience of our work, with a focus on the impact of work relationships
  • reflect on what we bring to work relationships and the impact that has on others
  • Reflect together on what this teaches us about being part of a team

This will be facilitated by Place2Be clinicians experienced in both school and community settings.

Place2Think Cohorts

(please note there are only 48 places)

  • 6 cohorts in total (1 commencing 11th May – 5 cohorts to start after the summer holidays – dates to be advertised)
  • 6 x 60 minute sessions per cohort
  • 8 participants per cohort
  • Sessions occur monthly across 6 months

Cohort plan

The sessions are facilitated on Zoom and you will be given access to a unique Zoom link once you have registered with Place2Be and have chosen your cohort.

Summer Holidays:

We have avoided scheduling during the school summer holiday period, which will run from late June to mid-August


To ask a question or find out more information, please drop Allan Young Development Worker (Youth Work and Training/Y2Be) an email at:

Allan Young
Youth Scotland Impact Of Covid on YP Mental Health Report
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