Launching a New Youth Work Manifesto for Election 2021

A grey-tinted photo of a young person outdoors, smiling at a youth worker.

Resilient, Resourceful and Reimagined – A manifesto to support Scotland’s youth workers and young people.

In advance of the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election, Youth Scotland has joined with YouthLink Scotland and our sector partners to support the launch of Resilient, Resourceful and Reimagined – a manifesto for youth work in Scotland.

The new manifesto appeals to all politicians across political spectrum to stand with youth work by committing to three key policy asks:

  1. A right for all young people to access youth work opportunities.
  2. Investment in youth work services at national and local level.
  3. Formal recognition of the positive impact of youth work across public policy areas.

The case for the benefit of community-based youth work has long been established, with recent research in The Impact of Community Based Universal Youth Work In Scotland highlighting exactly how youth work positively affects young people. This case has only gotten stronger since the Covid-19 pandemic, with young people arguing for more not less youth work provision. In particular, young people have stated that priorities should be:

  • More funding.
  • More youth groups (available across all of Scotland).
  • Focus on mental health and wellbeing.

Ian McLaughlan, Chief Executive of Youth Scotland, said:

“We and our member groups believe in better outcomes for all Scotland’s young people, and I am confident that this Youth Work Manifesto seeks to deliver that. We have come together as a sector – in the toughest of times – to try and give a voice to the ambitions and needs of our youth workers and young people. Community-based youth work has risen magnificently to the current challenges we face together, and I would encourage all political parties to commit to supporting and protecting that – now and in the future.”

To download a copy of Resilient, Resourceful and Reimagined, see YouthLink Scotland’s website for details

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