Acting on Workforce Development - report launched

Youth Scotland launch new report on Acting on Workforce Development: How Youth Scotland’s vital work provides support and training for the community-based youth work sector.

Yellow text reads, 'Acting on Workforce Development.' Below, white text reads, 'How Youth Scotland's vital work provides support and training for the community-based youth work sector. In the background, a youth worker participates in a colour run. In the upper left corner, the Youth Scotland logo sits in white.

Acting on Workforce Development is the latest impact report from Youth Scotland, examining how Youth Scotland’s vital work provides support and training for the community-based youth work sector. 

Youth work in Scotland requires well-trained and supported workers and volunteers to meet the complex needs of today’s young people. As the national charity for supporting and delivering community-based youth work, Youth Scotland is instrumental in ensuring that youth work providers meet the standards for providing high-quality and often life-changing youth work services. 

Youth Scotland is committed to developing the workforce of community-based youth work providers and stakeholders throughout Scotland and this report outlines how that happens against a backdrop of legacy issues from the pandemic, the cost of living increases and overall reduced sector funding. 

Speaking at the launch, Mike Strang, Youth Scotland Chief Executive said:  

“Recent years have only further highlighted just how important youth work is in the lives and wellbeing of Scotland’s young people. Now more than ever, it is paramount that we support and develop youth workers to be confident, skilled and valued members of a sector critical to our young people. Acting on Workforce Development is a critical examination of the current landscape, the challenges and barriers we face and how Youth Scotland is taking action to support the youth sector workforce.  

As the report concludes, it is essential that rising demands for workforce support and training are addressed in future strategies and investments for community-based youth work.” 

To read the report in full, visit the Youth Scotland website here:   

Acting on Workforce Development is the follow-up report to Acting on Poverty, which examined how Youth Scotland’s vital work supports the most affected communities. That report can be viewed here:  

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About Youth Scotland:   

We are the largest national youth work organisation in Scotland, supporting 97,018 young people, 1,999 youth groups and over 10,775 youth workers. Youth Scotland has been around since the early 20th century and has a diverse membership network – from small rural youth groups to large urban projects. The common goal that we all share is better outcomes for young people. 

Our membership network is made up of local youth groups of all sizes, Area Associations and Youth Scotland staff who can provide support and training on a range of youth work topics. We are proud of the varied, universal youth work our network delivers and the innovative solutions our members create in an ever-changing youth work landscape.