YAA Candidate Registration Form

Take the next steps for accessing, completing and submitting your Youth Achievement Award CRF.

A close-up of the spreadsheet for the Youth Achievement Award Candidate Registration Form.

YAA Candidate Registration Form

YAA CRF 2023
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Complete and Submit your YAA Candidate Registration Form

A Candidate Registration Form (CRF) must be completed and returned when submitting awards for certification. All the information requested is necessary. This provides full candidate and Organisation details. If you are submitting more than 16 awards you should complete additional CRF’s. Please do not try to add candidates beyond the maximum 16 on a single Form. This breaks the functionality of the Form and you will need to re-submit.

Filling in your CRF Form

Please you this information guide when filling in the YAA Candidate Registration Form

Confirmation of permission to share a young person’s data:

In order to process a candidate’s claim for a qualification we need to share their data with the awarding body (currently Scottish Qualifications Authority – SQA). We require confirmation that we have that permission and this is done by an authorised person within the Hub or Group ticking the red box at the top right of the CRF tab. We are not permitted, under our data protection policy, to process any CRF without this confirmation.

Awards Delivery Hub/Awards Delivery Group Details:

The name and registration number of the Awards Delivery Hub (Hub) and Awards Delivery Group (Group) submitting awards for certification should be selected from the drop down lists. If your Hub or Group do not appear on the list please contact the Youth Scotland Awards Team.

Booklet Number:

Youth Achievement Award booklet numbers need be pre-purchased and these should be entered on the CRF as proof of payment for the qualification. The CRF cannot be processed without either valid booklet numbers these can be purchased from our online Awards Order Form.

Name / Date of Birth / Gender / Post Code / Ethnicity / Disability:

The full names, dates of birth, gender and post code of candidates must be entered. This information is required by Scottish Qualifications Authority and also for your own and Youth Scotland’s records. It is important that dates of birth are in DD/MM/YYYY format and a valid post code is entered as this acts as a double check on the SQA system. Gender, ethnicity and disability are selected from drop down lists. Gender options are F, M, N or O (Female, Male, Non-binary, Other). The candidate’s ethnicity and disability are also selected from drop down lists. When selecting a disability code, if the young person prefers not to say, please enter the appropriate code (H), do not leave blank.

Scottish Candidate Number:

All candidates being entered for Scottish Qualification Authority qualifications must have a  Scottish Candidate Number (SCN). The Youth Achievement Awards are a Scottish Qualification Authority customised award and therefore require an SCN. All young people that are either in, or have recently been in, the Scottish schools system will have an SCN (or can have one issued through their school). If the candidate does not know or cannot obtain their SCN they can access it directly from the Scottish Qualification Authority website. If the candidate is not in the Scottish school system and has never had an SCN issued please contact the Youth Scotland Awards Team.

Award Level:  Please indicate the award level the candidate is being entered for i.e. B = Bronze, S = Silver, G = Gold, P = Platinum

Name of Award Group Worker/s (Assessor/s):

The name of the award group worker who has supported the candidate in the majority of their award and who has assessed the completed award must be entered in full. Initials are acceptable for the same worker with subsequent candidates on the CRF. More than one award group worker can be entered in this section if different candidates have been supported and awards assessed by different workers. This forms part of the quality assurance record.

Name of Internal Verifier:

The name of the internal verifier who has quality assured the submission on behalf of the Hub must be entered in full along with the date of the internal verification. Only one internal verifier can be entered as they are assuming responsibility for the quality assurance of the submission on behalf of the Hub and all feedback and action points (where applicable) will directed to them. This forms part of the quality assurance record.


This Tab should be completed in full from the candidates’ Experiences, Outcomes and Impacts recorded in their booklets at the self-review stage. This provides quantitative and qualitative data at the Group, Hub and National level that can be used for reporting and funding purposes.

Emailing your CRF: 

Please email the completed candidate registration form to awards@youthscotland.org.uk. We will then be in contact to let you know about submitting the YAA portfolio for standardisation and certification.