Leading Youth Work Organisations

A leadership Qualification programme for leaders at manager level in voluntary youth work organisations

Starting 31 January 2024

Voluntary youth work organisations are key players supporting and developing young people across Scotland. Out of the covid-19 crisis, the sector still needs to be able to adapt in a changing environment to maintain services and support for young people.

Youth Scotland recognises the vital role that you and your organisations play and will play for the sector’s future. On this programme you will work with peers from across Scotland to gain greater confidence and clarity to enable you to progress in your leadership journey.

This programme is delivered as a blend of in-person and online participative sessions and self-directed learning. You will work closely with your peers throughout and build a strong supportive network.

  • Develop greater awareness and confidence in your leadership approach
  • Enhance your skills to motivate, engage and lead others
  • Learn from your peers and build a network of support
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities you face in the youth work sector in Scotland

Delivered by Social Enterprise Academy.

The deadline for this course is 16 January but we would ask you to express an interest by 15 January if you cannot make a full application by then.


Download the flyer below and apply using this link:

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Leading Youth Work Organisations flyer
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