Stand Up

Stand Up offers worker training, peer education for workers and young people, a small grants scheme, accessible resources and networking opportunities to help combat hate crime and sectarianism in local communities.

A banner attached to a football stand, with the Youth Scotland and #FOOTBALLUNITES logos reads "Kilwinning Football Academy stands up to sectarianism"

Sectarianism is a challenging and difficult subject to address, but one which finds youth workers in prime position to build on existing relationships, be positive role models and empower young people to build a better Scotland for themselves and their families. You can find out more on the impact of the programme here You can also hear the voices of young people involved in Stand Up to Sectarianism and how they make an impact on their communities in our short films here

Stand Up – Worker Training

Introduction for Youth Workers and Volunteers

These interactive sessions will explore the causes, issues and impact of sectarianism in Scotland. They will focus on providing participants with the skills to run dynamic and effective anti-sectarian workshops and programmes for young people.

Advanced Training for Youth Workers

In addition to the outcomes in the Introductory training, participants on the advanced session will be able to cascade learning within their own organisation. These training events have been designed and developed in partnership with Nil by Mouth, Scotland’s leading anti sectarianism charity, with over a decade’s experience in helping challenge sectarianism.

How to book To find the latest training events and opportunities for Stand Up, visit our training & events page

Peer Education – Training for Youth Workers

This interactive course is aimed at youth workers who wish to develop the knowledge and skills required to engage young people in peer education and youth led projects. Participants will be given access to training materials, resources and information to help create a peer education training toolkit which they can take back to their own youth work setting. The course will also provide participants with further knowledge about Sectarianism in Scotland and how peer education can be used to tackle this issue within youth work settings.

Peer Education – Training for Young People

Youth Scotland also runs peer education residentials for young people. The Stand Up peer leaders residentials combine activities with reflective learning. The aim is to explore issues surrounding sectarianism and how these may impact in your community. Participants will be invited to produce a video with the assistance of Media Education as a training tool for peer leaders to take to their groups and projects while on location.

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