The Feelings Inspectors Programme

Facilitated by Children’s Parliament

About The Feelings Inspectors Programme

It is known that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted learning and affected the mental health of children and young people. Therefore if we want to succeed in building back better for our children and young people, we adults – professionals, parents and carers – need to focus primarily on their mental health and wellbeing. To complement other existing mental health resources including those produced by Place2Be, Children’s Parliament have been working with two groups of children and Place2Be to create the Feelings Inspectors Programme.

The 12-part programme adopts a children’s human rights approach to empower adults and children to explore mental health and wellbeing together. It does not only provide eLearning for adults to strengthen their own knowledge, but it also consists of a variety of accessible, rights-based and creative tools which adults can use to work with children to build the resilience we seek. This online resource was built alongside children, giving it authenticity and a basis in children’s lived experience. Adults can adapt these tools for co-production with their children in most settings.

At this session, you will:

  • Be given a tour of the programme
  • Have the opportunity to try out some of the practical tools
  • Share ideas on how this resource can be used in youth work

After the session, you will have access to the Feelings Inspectors Programme so you can continue to build on your skills, capacity and practice by using the resources together with young people.

Contact if you have any questions.