iLead Journey

Check out the ILead journey and see how you can get involved in everyday leadership

ENGAGE in a range of learning activities, be INSPIREd to take a lead in your life and community, be EMPOWERed to turn your ideas into social action and ADVANCE as a peer educator and young leader of others.

iLead journey

Offering young people the opportunity to:

ENGAGE - in a range of learning activities.

INSPIRE - them to take a lead in their lives and communities.

EMPOWER - them to turn their ideas into social action.

ADVANCE - as peer educators and young leaders of others on their leadership journey.

Programme Missions – are designed to allow the Young Leaders to develop and grow their learning and knowledge development from the different programmes and allows them to put them into practice gaining - leadership styles, values, beliefs, confidence and adds to their leadership journey.

Thematic Programmes – Youth Scotland’s National programmes that are developed to the needs of all participants to help young people to develop participation, skills, knowledge in their leadership journey and to use or develop/deliver in their own deliver youth groups – assisted or solo deliver.

Get involved in everyday leadership now!

iLead Engage and Inspire have launched already, with Empower and Advance coming this autumn. You can get involved now by contacting us at

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