Assessment and quality assurance

Certification of Awards

Before completed Youth Achievement Awards can be presented for certification they must go through a formal process of quality assurance.

The Quality Assurance Process


The worker who has supported the young people with their awards checks to ensure that they meet the assessment criteria as outlined at the end of the award booklet.

Internal Verification

The awards are then internally verified by a worker within the Operating Agency who has completed the necessary internal verification training.


Finally the awards (or a sample of) are assessed by a panel of internal verifiers at a national event. This is to ensure that all Operating Agencies are assessing and verifying awards to the required standard. The awards are then resulted by a lead internal verifier and externally verified by SQA.

Registering Candidates

If you wish to register candidates and present awards for certification you should contact your Operating Agency and advise them of progress. If you have a specific timeline you are working to please allow sufficient time for stages 1 and 2 of the quality assurance process to be carried out and all necessary paperwork to be returned to Youth Scotland before any deadline. Please see below for the schedule of meetings and submission deadlines to assist with your forward planning.

You will need to complete a Candidate Registration Form (CRF) which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page and return this fully completed to Youth Scotland before the submission deadline

Please note that we cannot accept postal or faxed CRFs as these are required in electronic format to allow Youth Scotland to upload the details electronically into the SQA system.

Standardisation meetings are now held online and all portfolios must now be sent in digitally. For information on how to do this please contact 

If you have any queries or difficulties when booking please contact the Awards team immediately on or 0131 554 2561. We are unable to allow admission to this event without places having been booked in advance of the deadline.

Youth Achievement Awards Standardisation and Internal Verification Meetings - Dates & Deadlines

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