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On this page you can find a collection of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and more information about Hi5 Awards

Hi5 Award Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hi5 Award?
How does it work?
How much time does it involve?
What kind of things can we do for Hi5 Challenges?
What evidence is required?
What do young people receive for completing an Award?
Can you do more than one Hi5 Award?
What are the three Levels of the Award?
What are the benefits to my Organisation of using Hi5 Awards?
Do I have to register with Youth Scotland?
How much does it cost?
Can we use our Pupil Equity Fund to pay for the Hi5 Awards?

What is the Hi5 Award?

The Hi5 Award is a nationally recognised award for young people age 5+ that provides a means of recording and evidencing their achievements within the activities that your project or programme offers.

The Award is owned and operated by Youth Scotland and has been credit rated and levelled by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

How does it work?

Sign up to deliver the award. This is a quick and easy process and you can find out more here.

The Hi5 Award is based on the activities that your project or programme offers and follows a plan-do-review structure.

Plan - The young person sets themselves a challenge based on an activity or series of activities they have freely chosen.

Do - The young person completes their challenge, gathering evidence of their participation and achievements as they go.

Review - The young person thinks about, and comments on, how they performed in their challenge.

For a young person to gain an award and receive a personalised certificate, a completed challenge sheet with evidence of their participation must be provided.

How much time does it involve?

The minimum time commitment required for a Hi5 Award is 5 hours of activity plus the planning, reviewing and evidencing of learning and achievement. This can be completed in a single session or in multiple sessions.

There is no maximum time limit; a young person can spend as much time as they choose on their Hi5 Award.

What kind of things can we do for Hi5 challenges?

A challenge can be any activity offered by your organisation which the young person chooses to be involved in. The activity should take at least 5 hours to complete, represent a challenge for the young person, but also be something that they are confident they can complete. Examples of Hi5 challenges include; Getting Active, Attend Cooking Club, Clean A Pond, Make Planters, Beekeeping, Swimming, Perform On Stage, 4 Things That Scare Me, etc.

What evidence is required?

There is a requirement for the young person to evidence that they took part in their challenge. There is no set type or format for evidence, the important thing is that it is produced and/or collected by the young person, allowing them to take ownership of the process.

There is a page in the challenge sheet for young people to add their evidence and they may also (optionally) include additional pages of evidence or evidence in electronic formats such as audio or video files. Young people can write, draw, paint, add photographs, describe their experiences (scribed or as an audio/video file), include witness statements, plans, maps, diagrams, programmes, meeting minutes, etc. How a young person’s participation in a challenge is evidenced will depend very much on the nature of the challenge and on the young person, recognising that circumstances, preferences and abilities will vary.

What do young people receive for completing an Award?

When a young person has completed their award, and it has been checked (quality assured), Youth Scotland will issue a personalised certificate that will show their name, their challenge title, hours completed and a statement about their ‘special achievements’. The certificate will also show the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) level and credit points.

Can you do more than one Hi5 Award?

A young person can do more than one Hi5 Award by choosing a new challenge and completing another challenge sheet. In fact young people are encouraged to stay engaged with the Hi5 Award and, if possible, work through the three levels of the award or move on to the Dynamic Youth Award.

What are the three levels of the Award?

The Hi5 Award has three levels called ‘star ratings’ and the levels/star ratings are based on the cumulative hours spent on undertaking activities. By completing more hours young people achieve a higher star rating and gain more SCQF credit points.

SCQF credit points reflect the volume of learning a young person has undertaken in a particular qualification. One credit point relates to approximately 10 hours of learning for the average young person. Therefore, the more credit points gained the greater the volume of learning the young person can evidence. The SCQF structure is understood by most employers, schools and colleges.

Cumulative Hours 

Star Rating 

SCQF Level 

SCQF Credit Points 


1 star


2 stars 


3 stars 

What are the benefits to my organisation of using Hi5 Awards?

Almost every organisation working with young people is required to provide evidence of the progress made and benefits gained by the young people involved in their programmes, whether it be for managers, funders or regulatory bodies.

The Hi5 Award offers a way of capturing the learning and benefits gained through young peoples' involvement in your programmes. The award can provide evidence of participation, progression and distance travelled in a way that reflects an individual young person's circumstances.

Do I have to register with Youth Scotland?

Yes. Before you can claim Hi5 certificates you must first be registered with Youth Scotland. There are two registration options.

  1. Group Registration. This option allows clubs/groups/schools to register for an annual fee and purchase and submit and unlimited amount of Hi5 challenge sheets during the registration year. The annual registration fee is currently £25
  2. Individual Registration. This option allows a parent or guardian to register for an annual fee and purchase and submit up to 10 certificates during the registration year, independently of a club/group/school. The annual registration fee is currently £10

Please note that Youth Scotland Member Groups and groups already registered to deliver Dynamic Youth and Youth Achievement Awards are already registered to deliver the Hi5 Award.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Hi5 Challenge Sheet is currently £6.00. This includes the cost of quality assurance, processing, printing and return of the Hi5 Certificates to the registered Group/Individual address. To order Challenge Sheets click here

Can we use our Pupil Equity Fund to pay for the Hi5 Awards?

Yes, as the Hi5 Award is nationally recognised award which sits on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, it is a very tangible way to demonstrate how this funding is being used to make a difference and improve how well children are learning. The award is based on a young person’s interests and designed to be accessible for young people of all abilities helping children who are experiencing barriers to learning to achieve a nationally recognised award.

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