Moderation, assessment and QA

Before completed Dynamic Youth Awards can be submitted for certification they go through a formal process of quality assurance

The Quality Assurance Process

Although self and peer assessment is an ongoing and integral part of the award process, completed awards must be formally quality assured. This is a requirement of the Awarding Body that externally accredits the awards and a condition of the SCQF (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework) credit rating and levelling.

There are three stages in the formal quality assurance process

1. Assessment by the Award Group Worker
2. Internal Verification by an independent Verifier, not involved in the direct delivery
3. External Verification at a national level by a panel of practitioners

To facilitate the quality assurance process Youth Scotland have developed a Quality Assurance Tool (at the bottom on this page). This Tool records all the information required to print certificates (allowing sampling of submissions) and provides a record of each stage of the quality assurance process as required by the Awarding Body. For more information on quality assuring the Awards click here QA Process Page

How to submit Dynamic Youth Award for Certification

When completed Awards have successfully gone through the first two stages of the quality assurance process, they are sent to Youth Scotland for the third and final stage of quality assurance, External Verification, and printing of certificates. The following procedure should be followed:

  1. Email the completed Quality Assurance Tool to
  2. Await a confirmation email from Youth Scotland. You will receive this within 2 working days. You will be advised of any incomplete or missing information and sample requested, if appropriate
  3. When you have received a confirmation email from Youth Scotland, print a copy of the ‘Candidate List’ from the Quality Assurance Tool
  4. Securely package the submission. You must include the printed ‘Candidate List’ as well as all Challenge Sheets and Personal Portfolios (or the sample requested)
  5. Courier the securely packaged submission or post it using ‘Recorded Delivery’ to: Awards, Youth Scotland, Balfour House, 19 Bonnington Grove, Edinburgh, EH6 4BL
  6. Your submission will be processed and returned within 6 weeks of receipt

External Moderation

External Moderation is the final stage of the Quality Assurance Process for the Dynamic Youth Awards.

Youth Scotland is offering the opportunity for Award Group Workers/Responsible Adaults to participate in External Moderation Meetings to gain practical experience of the process and develop their professional practice.

Those wishing to attend External Moderation must have previously undertaken Youth Scotland approved Awards Introductory Training or Dynamic Youth Awards Introductory Training.

The External Moderation Meetings will take place in the Youth Scotland Offices.

Teas, Coffees and refreshments will be provided. Please not that lunch is not provided. In addition, please note that it will not be possible to externally moderate portfolios brought along on the day as checking and processing of submissions takes a few days.

Participants are welcome to drop off submissions to be externally moderated at a later meeting.

Moderation dates

Moderation takes place at Youth Scotland, Balfour House, Bonnington Grove, Edinburgh, EH6 4BL

16th February 2018 - Click to book

2nd March 2018 - Click to book

16th March 2018 - Click to book

6th April 2018 - Click to book

20th April 2018 - Click to book

4th May 2018 - Click to book

18th May 2018 - Click to book

1st June 2018 - Click to book

15th June 2018 - Click to book

29th June 2018 - Click to book

13th July 2018 - Click to book

27th July 2018 - Click to book

10th August 2018 - Click to book

24th August 2018 - Click to book

7th September 2018 - Click to book

21st September 2018 - Click to book

5th October 2018 - Click to book

19th October 2018 - Click to book

2nd November 2018 - Click to book

16th November 2018 - Click to book

30th November 2018 - Click to book

14th December 2018 - Click to book

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