Impact of the Rural Action Fund - Year 2

Year 2 of the Rural Action Fund was very much focussed on building upon the successes of Year 1 and implementing small changes to improve its delivery and benefit for rural youth groups. Read our end of year report to see how we continued to remove barriers to youth work in rural areas

The continued need

Approximately 1/3 of our member groups are in rural and remote rural communities and these groups are disproportionately affected by reductions in funding for universal youth work. While the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation is a relative measure of deprivation in Scotland, it doesn't necessarily paint the full picture of the barriers in our rural communities.

Of the 71 applications we received for the Rural Action Fund in 2019/20, only two of these were from groups in communities considered amongst the 20% most deprived... This indicates that the Rural Action Fund is continuing to achieve our objective for providing funding to those groups who are unable to access other funding restricted to targeted groups based on deprivation. Youth Scotland Rural Action Fund End of Year 2 Report

The difference we have made

Based on the applications and end of project reports received we can be confident that the following outcomes have been achieved:

  1. We have removed barriers facing young people in accessing youth work opportunities.
  2. We have helped to sustain and in some areas increase provision of youth work opportunities.
  3. We have helped youth groups to increase their capacity.

How the Rural Action Fund made a difference

Over the course of Year 2, the Rural Action Fund achieved the following:

  • 2,690 young people reached
  • £42,909 funding to 57 projects
  • 416 people volunteering over 6,600 hours

Download the full report below.

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