Involvement Training Stage 3

Stage 3 is the last part of the Involvement Training Programme, its where the young person has completed Stage 1 and 2 of the programme and is taking their newly learned skills of leadership to progress an idea for a community project or event.

Stage 3 is where the young person takes an idea, uses the planning toolkit to plan, prepare, organise, deliver and evaluate a project or event at their local level. Once their project or event is completed the toolkit is sent to Youth Scotland along with any photos, videos, evidence which will also act as their certificate request. Don't forget that all importance Youth Achievement Award should be completed and sent along with the toolkit which will act as evidence for the award also! Its an extra accreditation for the young person to gain along with their Overall Involvement Training Programme Certificate.




Support Grants for Stage 3 Projects have arrived!

Grants of up to £100 are available to young people to carry out their project or event, the process is simple, download the application form, complete and send it to Youth Scotland, where it will be assessed by a Panel of Young Advisors and make decisions on the application. 

Grants will be made to young people who have completed Stage 2 and are ready to progress to Stage 3, a maximum of £100 can be applied for and can be matched funded. Its possibly not going to fully fund a project, activity or event, but can be a good help to and further develops the skills, knowledge and training gained at Stage 2 Residential Training.

Download and complete the form below! Make your Stage 3 happen, apply now!


If you have any questions please contact Paul McIlvenny, Senior Youth Development Worker on 0131 554 2561 or email



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