Involvement Training Programme

Aim of The Youth Involvement Training Programme

The IT KIT aims to provide youth workers with a comprehensive programme that enables:

  • meaningful participation and involvement of young people
  • improved communication between young people and youth workers
  • increased skills and capacity-building of young people
  • improved confidence and self-esteem of young people
  • opportunities for young people from different areas to come together, share experiences and have fun.
  • Accreditation through the Youth Achievement Awards

Although the primary aim of this kit is to increase youth participation, for this to become a reality it is not enough to work only with young people.  Youth and community workers must also create links with decision makers at all levels to ensure pathways are developed that enable young people to become active partners in the decision-making process. 


Who is IT for?

IT is fun, practical and useful to workers who want to engage young people and get them involved in their youth group or community. It has been devised for young people between the ages of 14 and 18.  Any young person can take part from those who regularly attend youth groups to those who engage with street workers on an ad-hoc basis.  Those who will benefit most from it will probably have:

  • engaged with workers on some level for a number of months and established a  relationship with them
  • shown some commitment to meet on a regular basis
  • shown an interest in developing their skills and becoming involved in their group or community

Youth Scotland's Involvement Training programme is a structured first step to developing young people as leaders in their own communities. The programme follows a three stage process:

  1. Group leaders attend tutor training so that they can deliver the Stage 1 programme of training with their group.
  2. A residential training weekend for young people and their group leaders.
  3. The practical delivery of a project using the skills developed by young people in their own community.

Time commitment: Stage 1 takes 15 hours, Stage 2 is a weekend residential and Stage 3 is variable, depending on how long it take the group to complete the project.


How is IT structured?

The IT KIT is a fully comprehensive training resource that has been split into three distinct stages with supporting materials:


Stage 1:

Usually a locally arranged course, presented in the pack as six sessions that could be spread over three to six evenings or combined over a weekend.  It is recommended that a minimum of eight, and a maximum of 20 young people participate in Stage 1.

Interactive games and activities explore participation, consultation, rights and responsibilities, decision making and planning an activity.  IT encourages young people to think about diversity and respecting others in their community.  Some young people may complete Stage 1 only, although it is recommended that they be encouraged to complete all three stages.

Stage 2

Usually a residential or weekend course that brings together young people from different groups locally or regionally.  IT is presented in the pack as a residential weekend.  It is recommended that a maximum of 40 young people participate in Stage 2, with no fewer than 15 to ensure a good mix of ideas and experiences.

Stage 2 builds on the skills developed in Stage 1 and focuses on young people's ability to plan an event, manage groups and represent others.  At the end of Stage 2 young people should have a Personal Plan of Action with ideas on an activity/event they want to organise.

Stage 3:

This is important as the focus is on young people getting the help and support required to implement their plan of action.  The activities provide young people with tools to evaluate and rank their ideas so their Personal Plan of Action can be agreed.  The next step is for them to implement their own plans of action. Young people should be supported by locally based workers to finalise and implement their plan of action. 


IT has been devised as a progressive course, so young people should complete Stage 1 before moving onto Stage 2 and onto Stage 3 etc.

Stages 1 and 2 consist of a number of sessions that put across some key themes; each session is made up of a number of smaller activities.  The following key is used throughout the pack to give a clear indication of what is required to carry out individual activities:



Certificates are awarded at each stage of the programme, every young person is certificated at

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3

Please complete the correct Certificate Request Form for each stage.


Who is IT for?

  • Young people aged between 14 and 18 years old.
  • Workers looking to deliver the programme within their own groups.


What does it cost?

Stage 1 Tutor Training includes:

  • £50 per worker for Youth Scotland member groups
  • £75 per worker for non-member groups


Stage 2 Residential Costs

Stage 2 residentials cost £100 per young person or youth leader. This covers the full cost of training, accommodation, catering, activities and resources for the weekend.


Youth Achievement Awards

The Involvement Training Programme, supports young people to be able to accredit a Bronze Youth Achievement Award.  The Bronze Award is split into 4 sections of "Taking Part" so

  • Stage 1 = Challenge 1
  • Stage 2 - Part 1 = Challenge 2
  • Stage 2 - Part 2 = Challenge 3
  • Stage 3 = Challenge 4 

Young People will complete a Dynamic Youth Award, to support their knowledge and introduction to the Bronze Award during Stage 2 Residential.  These will be completed for free.


Is the programme accompanied by a resource pack?

Yes, all those that take part in Involvement Training are supplied with the IT Kit. This resource pack provides youth and community workers with a programme of fun and interactive activities that they can deliver locally. The IT Kit includes a CD rom, The Bored Meetings pack and the Keep It Real pack.


How does our group get involved?

If your organisation would like to take part in Involvement Training, you should first identify a group of young people that would benefit from the programme. The first stage in the Involvement Training programme is a one day tutor training course for workers. These take place throughout the year in various locations across Scotland.

Find Tutor Training dates here.


If you have any questions please contact Paul McIlvenny, Senior Youth Development Worker on 0131 554 2561 or email