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Youth Scotland is supporting young people to participate in decision making processes and in the management and leadership of their groups and communities. 


Bored Meetings Tutor Training

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Bored Meetings? is a training pack for young people who are involved in different kinds of decision-making processes or groups. These are structures whose purpose is to engage young people in collective decision-making, such as youth councils, youth forums, school councils, management committees and boards.

Bored Meetings? is a response to young people's request for training to help them to influence decisions that affect them. The overall aim was to promote young people's involvement in decision-making by  improving their experience of taking part in these meetings.

As one worker commented; "The Bored Meetings? pack is great. It's very varied and can be used in a number of different ways, with different types of groups. I also feel confident that I could roll it out and train young people, who could then go on to train their peers."

The Bored Meetings pack is very easy to use, with guided session plans and handout resources ready to use, the pack includes training cards, the 'development story', flashcards and handouts, a 'charter for young decision-makers' poster and information on how young people's work can be accredited through the Youth Achievement Awards.  The pack supports workers and young people to reflect on and improve their group decision-making skills.


Bored Meetings is designed to be delivered at a local level, in your youth group, forum or school council, to attend Bored Meetings Tutor Training please attend any of  book on to any of the upcoming courses located in our Training Diary or contact Paul McIlvenny, Senior Youth Development Worker to organise a training course in your organisation or area.


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Download the Bored Meetings leaflet below to get more information.

Please contact Paul McIlvenny, Senior Youth Development Worker on 0131 554 2561 or email for more information


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