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When ordering materials please note:

The Youth Scotland Materials Order Form (bottom of the page) should be completed in full, quoting the name of the Operating Agency and Participating Unit as registered with Youth Scotland and also quoting your unique registration number.


Please return Order Forms to Youth Scotland using one of the following methods; via attachment in an email, post or fax.

Orders can take up to 28 days to process from being received at Youth Scotland.


Purchase Orders

If your organisation raises its own purchase order paperwork please attach this to a completed Youth Scotland Materials Purchase Order Form and send in both.


The Youth Scotland Material Purchase Order Form is required to enable processing and tracking of orders within the Youth Scotland systems. An organisation's own purchase order which is not accompanied by a Youth Scotland Materials Purchase Order form cannot be processed.


New Downloadable Booklets


Following an extensive consultation with our delivery partners we have introduced a new structure for Youth Achievement Awards that we believe better meets the needs of young people completing an Award. Now they can vary the hours in their Challenges (but no less than 10) and the number of Challenges in their Award (but no less than 4) providing they complete the minimum number of hours for the Award level.
E.g. This means that young people can still complete 4 x fifteen hour Challenges for Bronze, as has always been the case, however they now have the option of completing 2 x ten hour Challenges plus 2 x 20 hour Challenges or any other variation that results in a Bronze Award that has 4 (or more) Challenges and totals 60 hours (or more) with no Challenge being less than 10 hours. This gives young people great deal more flexibility in how they structure their Award.
To accommodate this new structure we have developed a Booklet with 4 Challenges and a separate supplementary Challenge Sheet. Young people can use the supplementary Challenge Sheet and include it in their Booklet if they choose to do more than 4 Challenges. E.g. a young person may choose to do 6 x ten hour Challenges for their Bronze Award. This meets the criteria of Challenges being at least 10 hours, 4 or more Challenges completed for their Award, and the total time for the Award being 60 or more. 


 New Awards Activity Pack


These new packs have been designed to help with the delivery of Awards and contain:
• draw string bag
• been bags
• ropes
• plastic frogs
• laminated templates
• juggling balls
• and a USB with all the games instructions
They can be used for group work, team building, target setting, assessment and not forgetting FUN!  The packs can be ordered using the materials form at the bottom of the page


Activities Pack.jpg


“This new pack has helped me to engage young people participating in the Awards using fun activities,  I have also found them very useful  in my other youth work”


- P. McGurn Award Group Worker


Download Materials


 You can find a link to download Youth Achievement Awards Materials here.


You can also find an order form for the Hi5 Awards, Dynamic Youth Awards and Youth Achievement Awards.


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