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Understanding more about the Youth Achievement Awards

Youth Scotland have created a 6 step guide to help you in taking part in the Youth Achievement Awards. You can find the guide here along with a copy of some example portfolios.

You can read Advice from others, information on the awards and home education and more information on the platinum award.

Case Studies

You can click here to view a case study of the Youth Achievement Awards

Curriculum for Excellence, SCQF & HMIe

To find out more information about how the Youth Achievement Awards relate to Curriculum for Excellence, SCQF and HMIe please click here.
This includes learning more about how Youth Awards link to Curriculum for Excellence by viewing case studies of how Awards providers have used the Awards to meet the CfE Experiences and Outcomes.


A variety of toolkits are available to accompany the programmes and activities young people are undertaking as part of Youth Achievement Awards. Please click here to view these.

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