Curriculum for Excellence

Find out how Youth Achievement Awards can help you meet the needs of Curriculum for Excellence

'All children and young people should experience personalisation and choice within their curriculum, including identifying and planning for opportunities for personal achievement in a range of different contexts. This implies taking an interest in learners as individuals, with their own talents and interests.'
- Building the Curriculum 3

Two keywords of the Curriculum for Excellence are personalisation and choice. Youth Achievement Awards offer learners the opportunity to create their own learning programme based on their own interests, unlike traditional qualifications. Furthermore, the Awards measure the distance a young person has travelled, making them an individualised experience. This makes them the perfect companion to learners at all levels.

Learners use a variety of skills as they work on their Award, and they often take a multi-disciplinary approach. They are encouraged to be creative in how they evidence their Award. In the past, learners have evidenced their Award by producing DVDs, CDs, websites, wikis, photographs and cartoons.

Curriculum for Excellence places great emphasis on recognising achievement wherever it takes place.  With our Awards, it is possible for learners to accredit their involvement with youth groups, at home, at their place of work, in afterschool activities, or anywhere else.  Accreditation can be as diverse as playing for a local football team or looking after their grandmother.

There are no exams with the Awards, but learners will be judged by their peers as they complete their Award. This offers the best of Assessment is for Learning principles and helps to motivate learners, as well as teach them invaluable skills about responsibility and teamwork.

Learn more about how Youth Achievement Awards and Dynamic Youth Awards link to Curriculum for Excellence by viewing case studies of how Awards providers have used the Awards to meet the CfE Experiences and Outcomes. Click here to view the presentation.