YPTTL Workshop


The Young People Taking the Lead Workshops is aimed at young people, usually between P7 and S6.  It is designed by young people for young people to explore leadership, volunteering, decision making and social action.  It is an interactive workshop, packed full of fun activities and games, which support young people to explore what it means to "Take the Lead" and how young people are not "Just the Leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today!"


The workshop is facilitated by our trained Mentors and Peer Educators, who are based around the country and can support the delivery of the workshop with a  group, we can then facilitate a session to look at Action Planning to embed "Youth Participation and Young Peoples Rights" within your programme or organisation as a secondary session.  The workshop will also outline progression routes and opportunities such as Bored Meetings Training, Y:Lead, i:Lead or U:Lead Programmes depending on their identified outcomes.


YPTTL Workshop Contents

packed full of activities, that covers areas and issues of

  • Decision Making
  • Negotiation
  • Prioritisation
  • Values and Beliefs
  • Social Action
  • Evaluation and Consultations 


How to Book

If you would like a YPTTL Workshop in your Youth Club, Group, School or Event, please contact Paul McIlvenny, Senior Development Worker for more information of details on 0131 554 2561 or email: paul.mcilvenny@youthscotland.org.uk