Growing Better Youth Work

The Volunteering Action Plan aims to attract more volunteers to the youth work sector and to improve support and development opportunities for youth work volunteers.

The outcomes of the Volunteering Action Plan are based around the stages of the Volunteer Life Cycle, at all stages emphasising recognition of the value and impact of volunteers.  By having the right support at each stage, a volunteer will be able to give most value to their organisation and get the optimum satisfaction and enjoyment from their volunteering. 

The Growing Better Youth Work Guide takes each stage of the Volunteer Life Cycle and shows how this works in practice for youth groups and organisations throughout Scotland. It includes good practice case studies, and signposts readers to useful resources for each of the Life Cycle stages.  It has been created from the comments and feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, and provides an overall picture or framework of how volunteering works for different youth groups and organisations.

The free guide is particularly relevant for youth groups which are led and run by volunteers, it will be available after the launch on 12th June 2008.

The resources, models and training used by the voluntary youth sector identified in the Growing Better Youth Work Guide and from the consultations and research have been classified using the stages of the Volunteer Life Cycle, they can be found in the Resources Bank.

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