The Momentum training programme supports young people to learn about safe and responsible road use and vehicle maintenance.



The Momentum Programme is a flexible youth work programme that helps develop young peoples' awareness and understanding of safe and responsible vehicle maintenance, ownership and use of the road. It consists of two 18 hour units: 

  • Maintaining a Wheeled Vehicle for Personal Use
  • Responsible Road Vehicle Ownership and Use

The Momentum programme is aimed at young people who are interested in or already use vehicles and supports them to explore and understand the following: 

  • Maintaining a Wheeled Vehicle
  • Vehicle care and maintenance
  • Carrying out vehicle care and maintenance checks
  • Obtaining specialist advice when appropriate
  • The main controls of a vehicle and their function
  • Responsible Road Vehicle Ownership and Use
  • Social, personal and environmental impact of vehicle use
  • Personal responsibilities of vehicle ownership
  • Legal requirements for the road use of vehicles
  • The principles of road safety
  • Considerate driving or riding practice

The programme does not require young people to have their own vehicles or be able to drive. It is flexible enough for you to adapt the suggested activities to focus on particular vehicles and situations. It is designed to take approximately 36 hours in total and is made up of group work activities and ideas for practical sessions that can be delivered flexibly over weeks or months, according to the group's needs as all sessions can be split into a larger number of shorter sessions.

The programme is designed to be particularly successful with young people who would often not have the confidence, knowledge and/or skills to access more formal learning opportunities. 

The programme is valuable and engaging in its own right and Youth Scotland offer a Certificate of Participation for young people who complete it. However, many young people are keen to gain an accredited outcome for their achievements and with this in mind; the Momentum Programme can be linked to either the Dynamic Youth Awards or Youth Achievement Awards. For more information on linking to the Awards please contact the Awards Team


Young people participating in the Momentum Programme will not have to take any exams but will need to complete a Learner Pack and collect supporting evidence to show their competence against the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria. Supporting evidence could include a wide variety of things such as annotated photos, emails, diary entries, research, witness testimonies, videos, posters etc - young people do not need to create lots of written work.


For more information please contact George Cherrie on 0131 554 2561 or email