Girls On The Move

Girls on the Move is a project designed to increase physical activity levels among girls and young women in Scotland. 


Lets Get Fit

The Pennypit Lets Get Fit project is targeting girls and young women with additional needs in East Lothian.  Sessions run every Saturday offering young women aged 15 - 24 a range of fun physical activities including dance, kayaking, yoga and rock climbing.  The activities are designed to encourage participants to enjoy being outdoors, to increase their confi dence in taking part in physical activities, and encourage more social contact through group activities. 

Although there is good provision for young people with additional needs within schools in East Lothian, there are limited opportunities to take part in physical activity outside school.  Lets Get Fit offers young women opportunities to try activities they would not normally get to do on a regular basis. All 12 young women enjoy attending the sessions and have reported an increase in confi dence after taking part.

"I can't make up my mind which one is my favourite. I loved the kayaking, but climbing has been great. Mind you I liked the dancing too!".