Girls On The Move

Girls on the Move is a project designed to increase physical activity levels among girls and young women in Scotland. 


Cafe K Fit and Fruitful Project

This project, based at the Jack Kane Community Centre in Edinburgh, aimed to introduce and provide 'new' physical activities for a group of young females 13-20 years of age who were currently viewed as 'inactive'.  This was complimented with educational sessions based upon health and self-esteem and supported by partner agencies.  As the group developed, the young females produced their own DVD on their experience to promote healthy lifestyles/activities to other young females.

Activities in the project included; self defence, dance, pulse centre, rugby, aerobics, fitness balls, dodge ball and aromatherapy. In addition, educational activities were introduced to compliment physical activities which included healthy cooking, quizzes and group work games.

"The project was a great success and all the young females that took part all stated how much they enjoyed the experience,"  said Emma Kyles, Senior Worker. "As the project developed, alongside the young female's confidence and self - esteem, the project grew.  As a result, additional funding was sought in order for the group to also produce a DVD of their experience, to be used to encourage other young females to take part in physical activities, by showcasing how fun and how different these activities can be to provide an experience that everyone can benefit from."

"In addition, 6 of the group members were also very keen to progress to achieving Dynamic Youth Awards. This was a new experience for them (and also the project) and was especially significant as those young females, who took part in this, are all either lone parents and/or young females whom have been excluded from school and this is therefore for many of them, the only recognised qualification that they will gain this academic year."

'I really enjoyed taking part in the project," said one young woman. "It was good fun and also good to try out new sport activities as normally I would be at home looking after my son and not get the chance to do things like this, it was definitely worthwhile and was a good way to begin to get fit and more healthy'.