Youth Scotland's Strategic Plan for 2016 - 19
'Changing lives through youth work'
A Consultation Paper for our Stakeholders

Dear Colleague,

The current Youth Scotland Strategic Plan 2012 - 16 runs until the end of March 2016. The strategic plan for 2016 - 19 is being developed following several planning days involving the charity's trustees, chief executive and senior staff at Youth Scotland.

The organisation is also reviewing its high level statements (mission, values and strategic aims) as well as our Memorandum & Articles to ensure our strategy and governance document are aligned, modernised and are fit for purpose following the important milestone of our 80th Anniversary in 2014.

The strategic direction and goals included in this plan are Youth Scotland's response to our understanding of what our members' value most about the organisation, and current opportunities and challenges facing the sector. The strategic aims are very similar to those in previous years. However this strategy is building on the success of the past three years and considers the changing environment in which we are now operating.

We are presenting our interim proposals for the next three years to seek your views on the strategic aims and outcomes which we aspire to achieve in support of the young people and youth workers across our network before we develop the key operational objectives by the end of 2015, in time for launching our strategic Plan for 2016 - 19 in the Spring next year.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our priorities with you. PleaseĀ feed back your comments to

Yours sincerely
Ian McLaughlan
Chief Executive

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