Youth Scotland Network Saddened by Loss of Jim Rooney

13 February 2014

The Youth Scotland network is deeply saddened by the loss of Jim Rooney who passed peacefully on Wednesday 12 February at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. 

jim rooney.jpg

Jim was a passionate supporter of quality youth work, the structures that support it, and, most importantly, the people that deliver it.  Jim had a close affinity to the Youth Scotland network, and in particular to LAYC where he was Director in Lothian Regional Council days. 

He led Clackmannanshire Council's youth services prior to taking on his full time role with Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education.  He maintained close supportive links with his roots at LAYC and the wider voluntary sector both personally and professionally. 

Most recently, Jim had taken on a role as a Training and Development Consultant and completed a Quality Framework report for Youth Scotland in 2013.  He had also attracted an eminent grouping of professionals to take forward an Evaluating Wellbeing brief for the youth work sector.  

Jim - We'll miss your passion, your good humour and your practical approach to improving opportunities for Scotland's youth.

The final words are Jim's own.  His Just Giving web page raising funds for The Nancy Ovens Trust proclaims:

"I'm old, I've worked for ages, I don't need your money, but children and young people in Scotland do.  So please dig deep and donate now."


- Ian McLaughlan

Chief Executive, Youth Scotland