Got something to share?

If your group has a specific project, activity or expertise that they would like to share with other groups across Scotland, use the Youth Scotland e-bulletin to get the message out there!

A recent advertisement in Youth Scotland's e-news led to some fantastic partnership working, and plenty of rocking, last month.

The Cozyblanket Youth Music Project of Bo'ness were looking for gigs and opportunities to run music workshops with other groups of young people out with their local area. As a result of the article appearing in the e-news, they received quite a few enquiries from across Scotland, including being invited to perform at the Glasgow Association of Mental Health Young Carers Conference.

"Thank you so much for making our event so fantastic. We couldn't have done it without your help. The band was amazing" said Rena of the Young Carers Project.

"The event at the Young Carers Conference was a great success, and it was really positive for the young people in Cozyblanket to travel to other areas," added John Nicolson, Youth Scotland Area Coordinator. "And it doesnt stop there - there are now more projects planned for the future in other areas. It is great to be able to use the network to provide opportunities for young people to get together, share expertise and have a great time."

So, does your group have a specific project, activity or expertise that you would like to share with other groups from across Scotland? If so, please contact and it could be featured in the next edition of Youth Scotland e-news!