100 years on “Five Nations” Gather for Major Youth Symposium in Dublin

21 April, 2016

The leading youth organisations from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland gathered in Dublin on 21 April. The organisations will reflect on the last 100 years and developments for young people.

This British Irish Symposium on youth will further strengthen the working relationships between the five organisations, all of whom share many characteristics but respond to distinctive situations and policy environments.

The symposium will move quickly from reflection to action to make concrete plans for further co-operation in the field of youth work between the different administrations.

The symposium gathers managers, youth workers and young people from Youth Work Ireland (Republic of Ireland) Youth Scotland (Scotland) Youth CYmry (Wales) YouthAction (Northern Ireland) and UK Youth (UK). The work is supported by the Causeway Programme.

“Despite different administrations and rules we can see clearly that the ‘Five Nations’ have a lot in common historically and today. We have major issues to address with the common economic challenges young people face and issues such as education and employment. However we see confident and happy young people in much if our work and these positive images are they key ones that Government and other funders need to see.” said Patrick Burke, CEO Youth a Work Ireland.