48 young people in South Ayrshire achieve Platinum Youth Achievement Awards

A group of 48 young people in South Ayrshire have each received a Platinum Youth Achievement Award for their involvement in a four week 'Positive Attitudes to Alcohol' programme.  

The 'Positive Attitudes to Alcoho'l programme focused on young people leading other young people and teaching them to tackle Scotland's relationship with alcohol. The S6 pupils deliver the training programme to S1 pupils in schools across South Ayrshire, aiming to positively change their attitudes to alcohol.  

South Ayrshire Platinum YAA recipients 260912 - Copy.JPG Platinum Youth Achievement Awards, accessed via Youth Scotland, are credit rated by the SQA for the SCQF at Level 7, enabling comparisons with Advanced Highers.

Councillor Margaret Toner, Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council, and Steven Greig, Youth Scotland Youth Work Manager, presented the Platinum Youth Achievement Awards to the participants at a special celebration evening.

"The Positive Attitudes to Alcohol programme, now in its fourth year, has been very successful, said Councillor Margaret Toner. "Working in partnership, the Council and NHS staff have empowered S6 pupils to go out and educate their peers on a sensible approach to alcohol.

"In some instances, young people can succumb to peer pressure and consume alcohol which can lead them into bother and make their lives a misery.

"The S1 pupils respond really well to being given information about alcohol from the S6 pupils and I believe that is one of the reasons why this programme has been so successful."

Steven Greig, Youth Scotland Youth Work Manager, said; "I was delighted to attend the peer education event and meet so many committed young people. South Ayrshire accounts for forty six percent of all Platinum Youth Achievement Award submissions in Scotland through this programme.

The portfolios are of such a high standard that I have never seen such high scores in any platinum external moderation before. It is a great achievement for all of the young people and support staff in South Ayrshire."

The Positive Attitudes to Alcohol programme is in its fourth year was delivered by the Council and NHS staff.  Each training session focused on current alcohol issues and building confidence and resilience.

One project recipients said; "I was surprised at some of the things we learned and found myself telling my friends about it." Another commented;  "I was asked a lot about the project and how we went about it during my interviews for university. The project really changed my personal attitudes to alcohol."

Many congratulations to all 48 young people involved.

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